Our expertise in the digital advertising market and our focus on performance drive your success in real measurable ways.
  • 280%

    Average improvement in CVR with our creatives

  • 4X

    Successfully increased conversion amount in 2 months

  • 1

    Your dedicated account manager controls all marketing channels for you

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Strategy planning

Working closely with you, our expert marketers will plan your campaign and target the right channels, audience and timing while never compromising on quality.

Media Buying

Each adjapon client has their own dedicated account operations manager. Their deep knowledge of the ad-networks and Media ensure that your campaigns will be in safe capable hands.


Our gifted creative team can either make or adapt your promotional assets to appeal to the different targeted audiences. Continually improving and updating through A/B testing, their work is shown on millions of devices and sites throughout Japan and abroad.

Case Study

Our creatives improve campaign performance

One of our strengths is creative localization, our team skillfully adapt the clients promotional assets to target the Japanese audience.
The three real world cases below show just how much conversion rate increased when our creatives are used.

Our Clients

We are very proud and happy to have opportunities to work with you.

About adjapon

adjapon is an advertising agency providing a one stop solution for online marketing. adjapon’s unique point is its capability to reach the largest volume of organic traffic through F@N Communications group as well as other major ad networks in Japan and the world.


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